Your direct access to doctors

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Marketing and Communication Features

Access to the MEDupp network with over 17,500 doctors

User targeting according to subject areas and topics

Distribution of specialist content (Customised)

Distribution of industry and product content (Customised)

Live Chat

Video on demand direct contact (user to internal contact)

Promotion of future events

Streaming and video connection to your internal websites

Event Organisation Features

Branded industry content and event pages

Countdown function

Automated registration management process

Reminder function

Confirmation of participation that can be downloaded

Mailing function

Secure access for participants that doesn't require a password

Access to all past and future events section

Sponsor Features

Topics Sponsoring Option (Customised)

Entire Specialty Sponsoring Option (Customised)

Streaming Features

Web-based access for participants (no need to download any third-party programs)

Compatible with Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams (or any other RTMP supporting programs)

Access to MEDupp Remote Production (Customised)

Access to MEDupp Video On Demand Production (Customised)

Video on Demand Features

Unlimited Videos on Demand

Past Events

Streaming-to-VOD Conversion Function




Analytics Features

Access to the detailed user and event statistics

Video on Demand Statistics

Sponsor Statistics

Frequently Asked Questions

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